Published: 06-16-2009
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    L.L.Bean kayaking expert and registered Maine Sea Kayak Guide Kevin Hinds will cover a lot of great information that will help you discover the wonderful world of recreational kayaking.

    Kevin Hinds: Hi! I am Kevin Hinds. I am a Maine Registered Sea Kayak Guide and an Instructor here at L.

    L. Bean Outdoor Discovery School.

    Today, we are going to be talking about recreational kayaking. It's so much fun, it gets even to the outdoors to connect with the nature around you, gives you a chance to just get on that water and see a different view, and also it's fun with the low learning curves, so you can just get out and just enjoy the day.

    Today, we are going to cover a variety of topics. We are going to talk about boat selection, what type of kayaks are right one for you, and how to choose that, where to go to do that? After that, we'll talk about car topping, putting the kayak on your car and carrying it to where you are going to paddle. Getting in and out of a kayak properly, some basics strokes, safety equipment, and just how to enjoy the whole experience.

    Some basic equipment that you are going to need to kayak is the kayak, the kayak paddle, a life vest, also a pump paddle float and a first-aid kit.

    Some things to think about also will be checking the weather forecast, leave a float plan with somebody, and finally, it's also really important to kayaking groups of people, never paddle alone.

    Before we get started, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a Registered Maine Sea Kayak and Recreation Guide. I am also an Advanced Open Water Instructor with the American Canoe and Kayak Association.

    I just love being underwater and I love sharing that passion with others. We are here today at L.

    L Bean's Outdoor Discovery School. L.

    L Bean's Outdoor Discovery School has been helping people enjoy the outdoors for over 30 years responsibly.

    So let's get started!