Keep Your Relationship Feeling New

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Therapist, relationship and intimacy educator Dr. Laura Berman discusses ways long-term couples can introduce something new in their relationship to keep that “new in love” feeling.

    Dr. Laura Berman : When you newly in love the dopamine centers of your brain are firing like crazy, those are the reward centers, seven the addiction centers of your brain. But in a long term relationship that kind of goes by the way side.

    KY actually did a survey asking people about their romantic and sexual longings and desires and they found that close to 70% of men in particular wish that their partners would introduce something new in to the relationship, but a quarter of women and a third of men have no idea how to introduce something new. And at the same time 60% of folks are really longing for that feeling of being newly in love. Now the ironic thing is that you know its easy to have those feelings in the beginning of the relationship, not only because everything is new but because the dopamine centers of the brain, the reward exciting centers of the brain are lit up like crazy, but in a long term relationship that goes by the way side.

    Its kind of interesting to me that folks are wanting to inject some novelty in to their sex life and want to have that feeling of falling in love because it turns out that when you try something new in the bedroom or even beyond and you step out of your comfort zone a little bit, it actually stimulates those dopamine centers that are lit up in the beginning of the relationship and it recreates that feeling of falling in love. So if you want that then its really important to pay attention sex life and thing outside the box and try new things. Its really easy to inject some specie, something new in to relationship. Just go to your drug store and browse the ails, try KY Yours and Mine couples lubricant or some other product thats there, thats just new and different and something you havent tried before. Think of a new position or a new place or a new role play, just something to inject some novelty in to your intimate connection.