Keeping Home And Self Paint Free

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Learn prep tips to keep the paint on the walls and NOT on you or the floors when you’re painting a room.

    Travis Larson: Hi! I'm Travis Larson. I am an Editor for Family Handyman magazine and today I'm going to give you some tips on keeping yourself clean; where to start away is going to keep your house clean too. The first thing you should know, I mean everybody knows is to wear old clothes. I'm a slob, and I do a ton of home improvement projects. So I have no shortage of old clothes. But sometimes I'm too lazy to go put them on, so I've racked even more clothes. So if you're that kind of person or you're one of those few people that don't have old clothes, go to home center or paint store and buy yourself a disposable suit. These things are great. They're 10 bucks, and they'll keep your cloths and you a lot cleaner. The best part to buy them is you're wearing a rag, so you can just wipe your hands on your shirt when you get your hands dirty. Even though they're disposable, you take the least bit care of this thing. You can use it for dozens of painting jobs. They're pretty flimsy, but just be careful, and it will last a good long time for you.

    Second thing I want to talk about is your feet. These are booties. The reason you want to wear these is you will have splatters on the floor, no question about it, you will walk on those splatters, and then you'll track them all over the rest of the house. So you can buy a box of these for about 10 bucks. You put them on when you're painting, and you take them off when you leave the room. You can take your shoes off too of course. If you're going to be painting ceilings, there are a couple of other things you should know. You've got to protect your hair, because you are going to get paint in your hair, and you'll know it the next morning when you go to comb, and it's not fun, believe me I've done it.

    So the bill will keep the paint out of your face, top will keep it out of your hair. You wear glasses when you're painting ceilings. If you've got an old pair of glasses, use an old pair because if you've got one of those $500 sets of eyeglasses, the paint is going to get near the lens, and into the frame and the hinges are really hard to clean. So wear an old pair, and if you want to keep those clean or you don't have an old pair, just put a pair of safety glasses on, over the glasses. Sounds kind of silly, but you'll like it; keeps it a lot cleaner.

    One more tip, I don't like wearing gloves. You can buy a Nitrile or Butyl gloves, put those on, you will keep your hands really, really clean. I can't stand them frankly. So I put some hand lotion on, and for some reason, it keeps paint from sticking and when you go to cleanup at the end of the day, it will come right off, works like a dream. If you're painting ceilings, you put it on your face too. So that's pretty much it for you, but there is one more tool that's really important, and that's the one in your back pocket. Carry a damp rag around with you because every time there is a little splatter, and you see it, you wipe it up right away, and you won't have any cleanup to do later when it comes to art and paint. So that's it for this primary tool, and that's how you keep yourself neat and clean while painting.