Ke$ha Extends Rehab

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ke$ha is following doctor’s advice an staying in rehab longer to concentrate on her health.

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    Wondering how Kei$ha’s doing in rehab?


    Kei$ha is making it clear that her health is the top priority while she’s on the road to recovery.  The singer is currently seeking treatment at a rehab facility for an eating disorder and voluntarily checked herself in on January 3rd.  She told fans that she would be seeking treatment for 30 days to, in her own words, learn to love herself again.  During her stay she was said to be doing well and making progress but since the 30 days are now up it seems Kei$ha has decided to prolong her stay.  Kei$ha said in a statement that she would be following her doctor’s advice and staying longer in rehab to get her health back on track.  She also announced that she would be postponing some of her March and April tour dates and made sure to thank her fans for all their love and support.


    Hopefully Kei$ha takes all the time she needs to get well.


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