Key West Food & Wine Festival Excites In January

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    If you are a foodie and want to spend January eating and drinking in paradise, you may want to book yourself tickets to the Key West Food and Wine Festival.

    Richard Tallmadge: The Key West Food and Wine Festival is an annual event held at the end of January in beautiful Key West Florida. This is a real Key West Food and Wine Festival and by that I mean we know how to throw a party down here in the Florida Keys. We have got Key West Florida lobster, we've got grouper, snapper, yellowtail and it's not coming out of the super market, its come right out of our waters in our own backyard.

    Mark Certonio: Sea foods are main source of what we do, what we also like to showcase other local foods which people don't think we have but we have locally made honey, my friend Paul just started making rum and for a shelf it is still a spirit is very special I think. And we also have a small organic bar in town and they are making chocolate, it's just fun for adults, you get drink some wine and make some chocolate and eat them when you are finished. Now you are ready to pour your chocobar, let's do it. Richard Tailmadge: We do not march to the same drummer that the rest of the United States marches to down here. And to that we're very proud. So some of the events that we have here at the Key West Food and Wine festival is coconut bowling, get a rum drink, you pick up a coconut and your try to knock down the 10 pins and it is fun. We have created events that are specific to what we do in Key West, we have seminars, there are all produced by our local chefs, my favorite one this year for food is we're learning about how to make the original by key lime pie.

    Speaker: Are you going to taste some regular wine now. You might want to make sure you get some wine up to wash it down. The guests that come to our events are from all over the world and they just are coming back every year. I was just talking to a gentleman just a movement ago and he said I've been to the LA festival, I've been to many other festivals, he said this is so cool and so different. Once you come and experience it you will always come back.