Key West Running Rum Tour

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    At the Key West Legal Rum Distillery you can see first hand how they make rum and some history behind making rum in the Florida Keys. Worth a visit.

    Paul Menta: It doesnt get any better than that, another day on the job.

    I have been a chef all my life. I am very passionate about what I do. There have never been chefs distilling. So I wanted to just do everything a chef would do. They would look at something and go wow, that flavor would be greatness. Lets do it. Anything you can see blooming or fruiting up and down the Florida Keys will be in our rum.

    I am making rum that will not give you a hangover, you wont get a headache. I am going to take all those impurities out. My name is Paul Menta this is my distillery. Its also my dream. The visitors enter through the front doors and initially we want them to be a little overwhelmed there is smells coming from distillery, all sorts of history from Key West that they get to experience. Then they can experience having a taste of what we make here.

    This one, its smelling really nice right now but I have made pre to try. This is my Vanilla Brle. First and foremost we are making a while light Rum. Anything thats dark goes in to the edged of barrels, those barrels we dont fresh water in them to scroll them up. I actually take ocean water and it makes it true Key West, there will never be anything like this. And after they understand that taste, we put them to work. They bottle and label their own product, they fill it, we sign a form, they sign it, date it and they take a piece of Key West history, come with them, first time in Florida history that people are actually legal rum runners.