Kickboxing Bag Class – Body Shot

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness Expert Chau Bui demonstrates how to execute a body shot for a Kickboxing Bag Class.

    Chau Bui: Hi, I am Chau Bui. Today we are here at Team Lloyd Irvin Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness, learning how to do a beginning kickboxing bag class. Right now what we are going to do is show you how to do a left and right body shot to the bag. So I am facing the bag and I am going to go back into my fighting stance position, with my hands up chin level or higher. At my chin level, I am going to slightly move my torso forward and left, shifting my weight to my left foot.

    So I go down here, I am using my hips. I am going to drive my hips forward to the bag at the same time as I punch. So they sometimes call this the Shovel hook because you feel like you are shoveling. So your palms are almost facing towards the ceiling. Let me try that once again. My hands up, I am going to shift my weight towards my front foot. My hands are maintaining next to my chin still. As I move towards the bag with the punch, I am going to shift my weight or my hips, which is where the power is generated, towards the bag.

    For the right body shot, be very similar, except we are going to use our right hand. Maintaining my stance, I am going to slightly move to the right. As I move my torso, I am going to move my arm and my hips are going to be shifted towards the bag, with my palms facing the ceiling. So once again.

    Now we are going to show you how to do the right and left body shot using our demonstrators. Over here to my left is Carol, who is going to show us how to do a left body shot which we also call the Shovel hook. She is going to get into her fighting stance, her left foot is forward, she is one the balls of her right foot. She is going to move forward to the bag and as her arms are going to be close to her rib cage. She is going to go down in slow motion. She is going to bring it, so that her palms are facing the ceiling.

    Now the important thing to remember is that in boxing they have a technique called the upper cut, but since we use a flat bag, we modify it and we use a body shot instead of a upper cut. So its a slightly modification because the bag is flat. So we are going to do it in slow motion. Again, she is going to shift her left weight and then use her arm. Then she is going to do a Shovel Hook with her palms facing the ceiling and again and back.

    At normal speed, now Carol is going to do demonstrate the left body shot, great. Over here is Jackie, she is going to show us on the right side, how to do a right body shot. So I am going to walk over here over to Jackie. She is in her fighting stance, prepared to set herself up for the right body shot. So she is going to shift her body almost towards the right and moving her torso at the same time as throwing the punch. Her palms will be facing towards the ceiling, her weight and her power is going to be generated through her hip. So we are going to do it in slow motion and up, good. I like how she slightly bends her knees and, kind of, shifts her hips towards the bag.

    Ready, and do again slowly, great. She is going to do it in a normal speed this time. Awesome, that was great. Thank you very much Jackie. That is how you do a left and a right body shot. In the next segment, we are going to show you how to do the right push kick and the left push kick.