Kickboxing Bag Class – Roundhouse Kick

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness Expert Chau Bui demonstrates how to execute a Roundhouse Kick for a Kickboxing Bag Class.

    Chau Bui: Hi, I am Chau Bui. Today we are at Team Lloyd Irvin Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness, learning how to do a beginner kickboxing class. Right now, we are going to learn how to do a right kick and a left kick. I am going to face my target, assuming my stance again, with my hands up, either chin level or higher. What I am going to do is take a little bit step forward with my left foot, so that I get little closer to my target. Then I am going to take my right foot and I am going to aim towards the bag. The important thing to remember with the kick, especially in kickboxing, is to make contacts with your shin and not so much your foot. So what I am going to do is take a step forward; I am going to show this to you in slow motion; and bring it back, bringing my hips back. Another important aspect about the kick is that my left foot, the toes went from facing 12 Oclock and going towards 9 Oclock. So my foot, its going from 12 to 9, we also call that pivoting your foot. My right foot, that helps actually the pivoting of your left foot, also helps me move my body better. So again, and notice how I made contact with my shin. Another important thing about the kick is how to place your hands in the correct position as you kick. So while I do my right kick, I am going to take my right arm and, sort of, whip it towards my side. This left hand is protecting my face. So in slow motion as I kick, my right hand goes whipping to the side, my left arm is protecting my face. Another way that you can position your arms or your hands is bringing your right arm in front of you, while your left hand is protecting your face. So in slow motion as I kick, bringing it back into position. Again, and back into position. So we just learned two ways to position our arms, while we kick. The first one was a -- where I swing my right arm to my side. So we will do that again. Then the arm in front of us. Ideally, its basically just a block, I am not really punching. Now we are going to show you how to do the left kick. Again in my same position, my left foot is still forward, my right foot is back. I am going to step past, there are two ways that you can do this to set yourself up for the left kick. You can take your right foot, step past your target, and move and kick, and go back into position, or you can switch step. So we are gong to switch step. What I did this time with my hand placement is, I used the swinging arm where I just basically, with my arm downwards and keeping my right arm up. So we will do that in slow motion. So the first one is to step past your target. So I am going to take my right foot, take a step forward and kick, go back to position, or we are going to switch step. Right now, we are going to show you how to do a right round house kick and a left round house kick using our demonstrators. Over here on my left, Carol is going to show us how to do a right round house kick from her angle. The most important thing that we want to pay attention to is how she rotates her hips, where she is almost going to be facing me. Her left toe is basically going to go from 12 Oclock to 3 Oclock. So her toes are going to shift from facing the bag, facing towards me. So in slow motion she is going to kick and go back into your fighting stance. Lets go again, one slow motion. Lets try to hold that Carol. One more time and she is going to hold it.

    Now notice how her hips are fully facing towards me. Her left foot went from 12 Oclock to 9 Oclock. She is going to bring her hips back into position. So now Carol is going to do a full speed right kick for us. You are going to see the power that she puts her hips into it and she is going to rotate her body. Once again Carol, very nice. Over here to the right is Jackie. She is going to demonstrate the left kick because over here Carol did the right kick. Jackie is going to get in her stance. We are going to do that a little bit slower. She is in her fighting stance, what she is going to do is step past the bag. Then she is going to rotate her body and she is going to hold it. Right now, Jackie hold it real quick. Notice how her hips are facing towards me, its nice and wide and open. Her shin is making contact with the bag. Over here, her right foot went from 12 Oclock to 3 Oclock. She has her hand, her left arm whipping down here, her right arm is covering and protecting her face. Thanks Jackie. Thats very hard to hold still, by the way.

    We are going to do that again in slow motion. She is going to step past, her right foot step past the bag and she is going to kick. She is going to go back into her fighting stance. Now Jackie is going to do the left round house kick in a normal speed. Jackie, great. Thank you very much. That concludes our segment for the right and left round house kicks using our demonstrators. In the next segment, we are going to cover how to do fast right and left round house kicks, which we also call the touch and go kicks.