Kickboxing Bag Class – Wrapping the Hands

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness Expert Chau Bui demonstrates the proper procedure for wrapping the hands for a Kickboxing Bag Class.

    Chau Bui: Hi, my name is Chau Bui. Today we are here at Team Lloyd Irvin Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness, learning how to do a beginning kickboxing bag class. Right now what we are going to do is learn how to wrap our hands. Right here I have the length of the hand wraps which is 180. I am going to unroll, start with my left hand, unroll my wrap right here all the way down to pick up the side end where there is a loop.

    What I want to do is, it says This Side Down usually on the wraps. I am I am going to take this loop and loop it on my thumb. I am going to hold my hand right in front me where I can see it. My fingers, kind of, a little bit spread apart, take my right hand, take a little bit of a tug and I am going to start off with going up across my hand, underneath my wrist and going around my wrist about three or four times.

    Once I am underneath my wrist, I am going to go up and over my knuckles and wrap my knuckles about three or four times. Again, I am looking at my hand, I have my right hand holding on to the wrap. My next step is to take the wrap, I am going to go once right underneath my thumb, go up my thumb and I am going to hang on to the wraps really tight. I go up on top of my hand, in between my pinky and my fourth finger. Go underneath my hand again towards my wrist, go up again in between my fourth and third finger this time.

    My next step is to go once again underneath my wrist, over on top of my hand, between my third and my index finger. Once I am underneath, towards my wrist again, I am going to go up, around the top of my hand and underneath my knuckles to wrap my knuckles and keeping the wrap secure, about three or four times.

    I will straighten out my wrap. So I went around my knuckles about three or four times. Now I am ready to end on my wrist, which you always want to end your hand wraps at the wrist. So I am going to finish wrapping and most hand wraps have a Velcro ending to it. So what I am going to do is just pick the Velcro and secure the Velcro in place. My hands should be well wrapped once I am done.

    Now we are going to go into the next segment which is learning how to position our feet which is called the stance.