Kids’ Crafts – How to Make a Tissue Paper Flower

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Arts and Crafts expert Kim Jerro demonstrates how to make a tissue paper flower.

    Kim Jerro: Hi! This is Kim Jerro again and I m back to show how to make some real simple crafts at home. This is a simple tissue flower, and I am sure everyone has probably seen it before, but I always get a little confused in how to actually fold it. So, that s the folding and unfolding is the crucial part. I have four pieces of colored tissue paper here. You can use any color that you like, and what we are going to do is make a fan. So, I have all four of them gathered together. I am going to fold it over once and crease it and then flip it, all four together and fold it back again. So, I am just going to make an accordion fan here and go back and forth. This can be a little tricky so, it is easier if you get it started for a younger one.

    The fun is actually unfolding the flower, so here I have my accordion fan and as you can see here it folds up like that. What I am going to do, I have a pipe cleaner and I am going to tie the pipe cleaner around the top of my flower just like this so that it can bend over, and that is the pipe cleaner like that, but that is not a very interesting flower. So what I need to do now is unfold it and what I am going to do is start here with my first layer and hold on here and put all the way up. It is going to look better if you pull it all the way up, if you pull it just half way up like this it s not going to look like much of anything. So what you want to do is just fold one layer at a time, fold it straight up, now you have four layers, you can use two layer, three layers, ten layers, depending how big you want your flower to be. And viola! you have a beautiful flower. I have actually sprayed some perfume on here, so that they even smell fragrant, but this how you make your simple tissue flower.