Kids’ Games – How to Play a Math Building Card Game

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Learn how to make math fun with this easy math game for kids.

    Kim Jerro: This is Kim Jerro again and we are going to play a game called Flip 10. The object of the game is to select two cards that add up to 10 so you are practicing your basic addition facts up to 10. Doubles or any other number that adds up to ten. I have some basic flash cards here that I actually made with the numbers on them as well as some pictures. What you want to do is put the cards down, you can use paper cards, you can use a deck of cards if you prefer that. But the object of the game is to turn two cards over and then remember where you put that card down so that you can then find it again to make a match of 10. Would you like to start. 0 and 3, now do 0 and 3 add up to 10?

    Billy: No.

    Kim Jerro: Nope, and he knows that 0 and 3 don't add up to 10. I have 9 and what am I looking for? What number am I looking for? I am looking for 1 because 9 plus one equals 10, so I am hopefully going to find 1. Did I find it? I did not. So we will keep playing, you can play with more cards. A twist in this game would be Flip 20. So if Billy was a little taller in his math facts were a little bit stronger what we would do is try and find matches of two or more cards that add up to 20. So do you want to try to add up to 20? Okay, so why don't you flip four cards. Billy: 6, 3 and 6, 18.

    Kim Jerro: I don't think so. Okay so you can play in a couple of different ways. If you want to work on your basic 10 facts then you just play Flip10 or if you want to work on your addition facts up to 20 then you can play Flip 20 .