Kids’ Games – How to Play a Vocabulary Building Card Game

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Arts and Crafts expert Kim Jerro demonstrates how to play a vocabulary building card game.

    Kim Jerro: This is Kim Jerro again and I m joined by my friend Billy Jerro. Today, I am going to teach you some fun ways to learn spelling words because nobody likes learning the spelling words, writing them over and over and again. This is just kind of fun way to learn your spelling words so that end of the week spelling test or just learn new vocabulary and spelling words. This game is called knock-knock and what I have done is, I have taken some of Billy s spelling words and I have written them on cards. You can write them on paper or anything you want to write them on. I went and I just wrote them on these flash cards and laminated them so that they would last little bit longer and what we are going to do is, first I would have shown all the words to Billy, and Billy probably knows these words because he is now learning them in school all week long. So I want to familiarize him with all of the words and then lay them face down and I am going to invite him to play knock-knock with him. So the way this works is that one player is going to knock on the card, you want to do it for me.


    Who is there? And I am going to say who is there and Billy is going to turn over.


    And if he knows the word he is going to say that loud, and now I am going make him to use left in a sentence forming.

    I have a left hand.

    I have a left hand, very good! So that, I would knock on the card and I would say knock-knock.

    Who is there?

    If I can t figure out what the word is, it s a little too tricky for me, I am going to put it back in the pile and we are going to mix them up and then it is going to be Billy s turn again. So it is just a fun way to learn your vocabulary words, spelling words for that end of the week test or any words that you are learning.