Kids’ Games – How to Play Math Skills Go Fish

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Arts and Crafts expert Kim Jerro demonstrates how to play the children’s game, Math Skills Go Fish.

    Kim Jerro: This is Kim Jerro again and we are going to play one final Math game called, Tens Go Fish and it is essentially the same game that you would play when you play Go Fish, but we are playing with numbers. The object of this game is to again get matches or pairs that add up to ten. So, I dealt both of us four cards. So, I am going to invite my friend Billy Jerro to pick up his cards, and the object of the game we are going to pick up all four of them, friend. The object of the game is to find two cards that add up to ten and this is helping with our quick addition facts up to ten. Do you have any matches there that add up to ten? Two cards that add up to ten, do you have any?


    Nope? Go fish. Would you like that card?


    Yes. What is it?


    You have one match, so it s my turn. I m going to go, I got a 4 , it doesn t add up to ten for me, so I m going to put it down here and I m going to say, Go Fish . So we re working on our basic addition facts up to ten. Go ahead Honey. This game can also go -- oh, my goodness! This game can also be played up to 20, so you can play Go Fish 20, and that is it for Math games.