Kids’ Games – How to Play Race for a Dollar

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Arts and Crafts expert Kim Jerro demonstrates how to play the children’s game, Race for a Dollar.

    Kim Jerro: This is Kim Jerro again, and I m joined by my friend Billy Jerro, and today we are going to play a game called Race for a Dollar , and the object of this game is to see who can get to a dollar first. We re going to use a cube here which is labeled with different coins and this works on coin identification as well as counting on. It gets a little tricky, when you add on 25, but that is what we are playing to practice, adding on and to practice our coin identification. So, it is a race. We are going to take turns in playing the game. He is going to roll and see what he gets. Five Five and he did a great job identifying that. He is going to write it down and five is also called a -- what s this called?

    NickelA Nickel, you also want to let have the child identify the coin as well as how much it is worth. So now, I m going to roll and I have a dime which is worth 10 cents, and we are just going to keep on going till we get to a dollar. The next game we are going to play also works on basic addition facts and that game is called Flip Ten .