Kids’ Long, Layered Haircut

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Stephanie Gardner shows haircare tips to cut a long, layered style for kids.

    Stephanie Gardner: Hi, My name is Stephanie Gardner and this is Windy Barnes; we are hairstylists here at Salon Nordine. And today we will be taking you from the steps of a childs haircut. We are going to use about a quarter size of clarifying shampoo, and we are going to emulsify it with water. Next we will be detangling summers hair, and we will be moving into a childs haircut.

    After the hair is fully detangled; we are going to section in four quadrants, with the ears as your separation. You are going to look for the desired length you want to achieve, and we are going to be using a blunt line. You are going go into second section, you are going to keep this in about an inch to an inch and a half sectioning; as you hit the crown who want to stay behind the ears. After were finish, this is going to create a nice solid line and there you have it. On the sides, again, you are going to take inch partings. Connect the lines creating the pattern through the front, and through the front hair cut a diagonal back, because we are going to hold the hair and slowly angle the front of the hair, creating a nice strong angle. We are going to come to other side taking an inch parting, and we are going to follow this line through to the front; as we move towards the front, we are going to do a diagonal back.

    We have just finished a blunt line through the exterior over hair, and now we are going to layer her interior over hair. Take sections through about an inch wide, and we are going to angle back. Keep taking inch sections pivoting around the same point in the top of the head. What we are going to do now; is remove some bulk with a razor. Take inch sections on a diagonal; you want to get a feather razor; you want to slightly move the razor down and release some weight by razor.

    Continue through the head, basically, what we are doing is just scraping that top layer of hair very gentle. Next thing we are going to do is we are going to blow dry Summers hair.

    We are going to section from the ear forward. Start off using the round brush in a rotating motion, and we going to pull the hair nice and strong and then we are going to roll the hair under. Repeating the same sectioning throughout the head in the same motion, we have just finished blow drying Summers hair. She has got some great layers, hairs moving a lot better. And there you have it. Heres Summer.