Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, and More Celebrities With Addicting Apps

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    There’s a new way for fans to connect with their favorite celebrity, and it’s right at their fingertips. Those of us who have downloaded Kim Kardashian: Hollywood already know how addictive celebrity apps can be. See who else is taking advantage of this trend.

    Becca Fructh: Celebrities and tech addictions combine, POPSUGAR Lindsay Miller and Allison McNamara are here to help me download all the info on the best star-studded apps.

    Lindsay Miller: The celebrity apps are all the rage right now and the parent company behind Kim Kardashian's very popular game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood! just reported that they have earned more than $43.

    9 million in just the third quarter of this year.

    Allison McNamara: Crazy! It's not going to $200 million, they thought they were going to make, but it's enough to keep Kim Couture.

    Becca Fructh: All right! Well, let's take a look at how Hollywood has invaded our smartphones.

    Female Speaker: What's currently blowing up celebrity cyberspace, Taylor Swift's new American Express unstaged Taylor Swift "Blank Space Experience App". Despite the clunky name the app is pretty sweet. Taking it up a notch from the 2013 Greeting Card app she released after the Red album. The new one gives tour dates, behind-the-scenes looks, and an interactive bird's eye view into the Blank Space music video full of opportunities for fans to gather 41 special collectibles.

    Similarly a Lady Gaga created an album app for ARTPOP last year which functions as a music player online community and also generates your Aura into a 3D ball, of course.

    Justin Bieber got into the app game with the Shots Selfie Sharing App which is great for anyone obsessed with their own and other people's selfies, which is apparently a lot of us because Shots is over a million downloads.

    If you like your apps a little more old-school, look no further than the charming Hanx Writer; brought you by Tom Hanks this app brings all the sounds and nostalgia of a throwback typewriter to your hipster iPad which takes us back to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood!

    Kim may not have invented this celeb app game but she sure perfected it with more than 22.

    8 million downloads and 5.

    7 billion minutes played, that's some hard-core keeping up with your cyber Kardashians.

    Becca Fructh: Okay, ladies what do we think about this celebrity app situation?

    Lindsay Miller: Well you know something as a cultural phenomenon with South Park does a whole full episode skewering it.

    Allison McNamara: I have downloaded the Kim Kardashian game, spent a $100 of my own money.

    Becca Fructh: Oh my gosh!

    Allison McNamara: So I am okay with it.

    Lindsay Miller: You just announced that on national television, you know.

    Allison McNamara: You heard it.

    Becca Fructh: All right, you know what, wake me up when Ryan Gosling's baby has an app.