Kitchen Organization – Containers and Labeling for the Pantry

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home Organizer Betsy Fein discusses containers and labeling for the pantry.

    Betsy Fein: Hi! I am Betsy Fein with Clutterbusters. Today, we are going to be talking about how to organize your kitchen. In this segment, I am going to be talking about the different types of containers you can use for your pantry. There is a lot of different options out there. You have to decide between what colors you want to use, what varieties you want to use. You also have to take into consideration when organizing your pantry, whether just adults are going to be using it or children also. In this pantry, we have lot of children snacks that we need to use. So we are going to be using a clear bin where we are going to put all the snacks there. So its going to be a snack bin. Next, also the children have cereal. So we are going to use this fun creative Pokemon container to keep track all of their cereal. The next item I want to talk about is this is a wire wrack. This is where we keep track of all of our canned goods. This is a unique item. Its like a spice rack which is here, except the tiers are thicker and also it expands and gets smaller, so you can tailor it to the size of the pantry.

    Next, what we are going to do is start labeling. What I am going to do is start labeling categories, so that I can put it in front to make it easy access for when I am getting the items. So the first label I am going to do is spices.

    What we are going to do is start labeling all the categories. Right now, I am just putting SPICES. I am going to just continue with this and start labeling all the different categories. Then after that, we are going start putting all the items in and organize them. Okay, great, we are done. We have put everything back, we have labeled it. I have set up the pantry, kind of, like how its setup in the supermarket. Lower items are items you don't always use that often. Then eye level are items that you use more often.

    So the last step now is we are going to take our after photo because you are not going to believe the difference between the before and after. I want you to check it out.

    In our next segment, we are going to be talking about how to setup your kitchen cabinets.

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