Kitchen Organization – Setting up Kitchen Cabinets

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home Organizer Betsy Fein discusses setting up kitchen cabinets.

    Betsy Fein: Hi! This is Betsy with Clutterbusters. Today, we are going to be talking about how to organize your kitchen. In this segment, we are going to be talking about how to organize your cabinets and how to keep your kitchen clutter free.

    The first thing I want to mention are the counter tops. Everybody that comes into the kitchen usually uses that as a dumping ground, where they put their jackets and their homework and everything else there. Well, this isn't really the spot to do that. Anything that is on the counter top should be something essential, something that you need every single day.

    As an example, what not to have on your counter top would be, let's say, a food processor. If you don't use that everyday, it shouldn't be out on the counter. It's taking up valuable space. Other things that you may have on the counter, like a coffee maker. If you don't have coffee everyday, you could put it in a lower cabinet. Then when you need it, take it out and use it then. So I also want to talk about how to setup your kitchen and where everything should be in the cabinets. Basically, it's setup what works best for you. We want to put like things together, so that as an example our dishwasher is here and to make it easier to unload, our plates are right here and also the plates are in here because they can go right on the counter and on to the kitchen table. Also, right next to the counter are our utensils drawer. In this drawer, you want to make sure there are items in here that you use all the time. If they are not, weed them out. This is a great product that we bought that keeps all the utensils separated and also expands, so that it could be the same size as the drawer.

    Also, in the kitchen you want to have things, like its easily accessible. So here is our refrigerator and right next to it is where we keep our cups. Talking about cabinets and cups, I want to go over some items in the cabinet itself. This is a really good time to start weeding out. Now there are those glasses you have got on the Carlo Cruise, remember those short glasses that were given to you for free, this is the time to weed out. If you are not using them everyday, it's taking up valuable space. So make sure to go through all of your drink and cups and weed through what you really want to keep.

    Again, you want to setup your cabinet like the supermarket does. The lower items are glasses that you use everyday. Glasses up here maybe ones that you don't use that often. Again, make sure to weed out any unnecessary water bottles or anything else that you may not use. So what we are going to be doing is talking about where do you put your pots and pans. We know it, it has to be very easily accessible to your stove.

    We have chosen in this kitchen to put the pots and pans down here. So it's very-very close. Another thing I want to talk about is a lot of people have issues with knives and where to put them. How many times do you had a knife block where you buy new knives and never fit? This is a block where any sized knife fits in perfectly. You can put anything in different rows, you can put scissors in there, anything that fits in here. Its perfect, organized and a really good way to keep track of all your knives. Now let's talk about our plastic containers. How many of you have bottoms but no lids, lids but no bottoms? This is a time to weed through it. If it doesn't have a need, get rid of it, throw it in the recycling bin or throw it out. This is great storage unit that we are using to keep track of all of the plastic containers. There is a section right here for the tops or the lids. Also, here it can fit our larger containers. Then we are going to just put everything stacked right neatly inside. This can go directly into your cabinet. Lastly, we want to talk about the infamous junk drawer, big debate. Whether to have a junk drawer or not have a junk drawer. There's no wrong or right in that, its really up to you and your family. So if you want to have one drawer with junk, so be it. Thank you for watching this video on how to get organizing your kitchen. I hope you have learned some tips and you are excited to get started in your own project.