Kitchen Remodeling – Wall Finishes for Under $1,500

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, David Lupberger, Home Improvement Expert for ServiceMagic, reviews how to get creative with paint. Besides standard wall painting, he will review textured paint and faux wall finishes. Examples of several different faux techniques will be illustrated. He will also review how to save money by assisting with wall preparation when working with a professional painter.

    David Lupberger: Hi, I am David Lupberger, Home Improvement Expert for ServiceMagic. I am talking about wall finish options available for under $1500 when renovating your kitchen. When talking about wall finish options you should always start with a color consultation.

    A good painter or interior designer can help you with this. Choose the right colors or what you want to accomplish in the new kitchen and create the color palette. There are a number of potential wall finish options. The first one is paint. Paint is the least expensive of all wall covering options, in addition to general wall painting, you want to incorporate an accent wall of bolder colors.

    Your color consultation will help you with this. To save some money on paint, check at your local paint store for mix tins. These custom colors were premixed, but not sold. and they can be purchased for big discounts. Another option is textured paint. This provides a texture to the wall. Instructions for a textured application are included on the can and a good paint store will review these instructions with you. should you have questions.

    Faux painting is another type of wall finish. With Faux painting you start with a base wall paint. and then add one or more technique finishes over the base wall color. There are many types of Faux finishes. such as Patina, Faux, and Dragging. When hiring a professional painter look for someone that advertises that they provide paint and Faux finishing, and always ask for examples and references.

    To save yourself some money on the project, ask if you can do the base code. You can always save money by doing prep work for your professional painter, so just ask them what you can do to lower the cost of your project. Plaster is also a great wall finish option. This is a textured wall with trial and plaster or drywall compound. This is a plaster code with a Faux finish.

    It looks really unique and provides a beautiful wall finish. Wallpaper is another option for your kitchen remodel. There are hundreds of wallpaper choices and cost will be across the board. With expensive wallpaper, consider using it one just one wall to accent and complement your other wall finishes. So those are some of the wall finishes you have available when renovating your kitchen.