Kitchen Sink Installation – Removal of Old Kitchen Sink

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gary Uhl with American Standard demonstrates the steps necessary to remove an old kitchen sink.

    Gary Uhl: Hello! My name is Gary Uhl with American standard. Today, we are going go through the steps necessary to remove an old kitchen sink. We've already taken the faucet out of this installation.

    Before we begin these are the tools that you'll need; a pair of pliers, a utility knife and a bucket in case there's any water left in the drain.

    Begin by disconnecting the P-trap from the sink and the drain outlet. If you cannot do this step by hand, you may need the pliers. From the top, take a utility knife and carefully cut away the seal between the sink and the counter top. Now carefully remove the sink out of the top of the counter.

    Now, that the old sink is gone; this would be a good time to clean up any debris that's left from the old one. Now, you are ready to install your new sink.