Kitchen Sink Size and Bowl Configuration

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gary Uhl from American Standard explains how to choose a kitchen sink based on size consideration.

    Gary Uhl: Hello my name is Gary Uhl from American Standard. Today I want to talk about choosing a kitchen sink based on size and consideration.

    First, think about the size of your kitchen how big is it, how bigger the cabinets that the sink is going to fit into. Secondly, if you replacing an existing kitchen sink, you got a measure really carefully, you want to be sure that new sink that you get fits in the cut out from the old sink that you had before. Consider how you use your kitchen sink.

    If you wash a lot of large items like cookie sheets then you may want a bowl sink. If you do multiple task at ones you may want a double bowl sink, they tend to be the most popular configuration.

    There is a thing called a Dual Level Sink, which is a combination of a big bowl and a smaller bowl that fit all in one. If more then one person is going to working in the kitchen at the same time, you might want to consider two sinks. One sink for cleaning and another sink may be an Island for food prep.

    Check them all out and figure out what size and configuration will work best for you. You know you use your kitchen sink everyday; you might as well get the right one.

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