Kiteboarding In The Florida Keys

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Catch air and go fast with this exhilarating alternative to surfing — the safe environment in the Florida Keys lends to a unique opportunity for anyone to learn the sport of kiteboarding.

    Matt Sexton: Keys Cable Park is an Action Sports Eco Park so what we do here is a variety of board sports ranging from wakeboarding, kiteboarding, paddle boarding, kneeboarding, water skiing and we also do a lot with eco education. We wanted to create an experience that was something that we wish we could have catered to us when we were getting into the sport.

    So have this place and the Keys where we have this training to at the Cable Park but on top of that we also have some of the easiest and most progression and learning oriented conditions and locations that exits anywhere I have seen in the world; this truly does make it one of the most ideal places to learn how to kiteboard or do any of these board sports.

    Through using these 2-tower cable wakeboard systems we have hands down created the easiest kiteboarding simulator that could exist in the world that I know of today. Our client tell our Keys Cable on another side boards sports issue has ranged everywhere from 4-years-old to 84-years-old. We can put you on a board and teach you extremely relevant and worthwhile of the board skills from the beginner first timer all of the way up to a pro-advanced rider.

    A lot of times we are seeing this as a really fun outing for a group of guys as opposed to they would have gone golfing now they down to the Keys and experience so we can do kiteboarding.

    All winter and spring, great times a year statistically December and March being the absolute best. What we do have is shallow, flat, accessible water. Places like Anne's Beach, places like Curry Hammock where you have a large open flat with very shallow water; it is a very controlled environment for somebody to learn how to kiteboard.

    In the next couple of years you will absolutely be seeing as throwing extremely high level, competitive contest for some of the best riders from around the world coming here to experience our conditions because they are good.