Knitting Equipment – Choosing Yarn and Knitting Needles

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fiber artist Toni Lipe discusses the equipment needed for knitting including yarn and knitting needles.

    Toni Lipe: Hi, I am Toni Lipe with Toni's Design Studio. Today, we are talking about how to knit. Right now, we were going to go over the equipment that you need to get started. First of all, you need knitting needles. Today, we are going to use size ten, ten inch bamboo knitting needles. You can purchase these at your local yarn shop or at local hobby and craft store.

    I like to start with the bamboo knitting needles because the stitches do not slide off easily and are very good for starting knitters. You will also need a Worsted Weight Yarn. You can use wool, or wool/acrylic blend of yarn or simply acrylic yarn. You can also find this at your local yarn store or at hobby craft shop. I suggest starting with a light colored yarn, it's easier to see your stitches and find out where you may have made errors.

    You will also need a tape measure. This will help you measure your gage for your swatch or your knitting project. You will need a pair of scissors to clip your yarn. A tapestry needle to weave in loose ends and Point protectors are also a very good idea. When you are not working on your knitting project, it keeps your stitches on the needle and it does prevent your knitting needles from getting broken.

    These accessories can be bought at yarn stores, local yarn shops, craft and hobby stores, and some fabric stores as well carry knitting supplies. That's it for the equipment we will need for today to knit. Next, we will be talking about how to cast on.