Knitting the Moss Stitch

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Knitting expert Toni Lipe demonstrates how to combine knit and purl stitches, including the moss stitch.

    Hi, I am Toni Lipe with Toni's Design Studio. Now, we are going to talk about the Moss Stitch. We are talking about combining knit and purl stitches today and there are several different fabrics we can make. One is called the Moss stitch. It's a series of knit and purl stitches but unlike our ribbing stitch where we knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches, we knit the purl stitches and purl the knit stitches. Let's do that. I am starting off on my first row. I am going to knit one stitch, purl one stitch. It starts off exactly the same way the 1x1 ribbing does, purling one stitch, moving my yarn to the front knitting one stitch, all the way across the row. Where a change is however, is when you turn the fabric around you will start purling the knit stitches and knitting the purl stitches. This creates a series of bumps on the fabric, both on the front and the back. Fabric is completely reversible and will create a lovely, textured fabric that won't curl like your basic stockinette stitch. Alright, I have completed my one row of moss stitch and as I can see, this is a knit stitch, this is purl stitch has a bump, knit stitch, purl stitch. So, since I am doing the moss stitch I am going to purl this first knit stitch, bring my yarn to the front and knit my purl stitch.

    So, we are doing the opposite on each side. So, we don't end up with a nice long row of ribbing, but actually this nice, beautiful, textured, uncurling piece of fabric. The moss stitch is used quite a bit in Arran knitting. They use it for fills, between cables and crisscrosses and it makes a beautiful fabric. The whole entire sweater is made with this stitch. It looks just absolutely lovely. So, you purl the knit stitches and knit the purl stitches all the way across and you continue on until your project is complete. So, we have combined stitches to do ribbing. We have combined stitches to do moss stitch and next, we are going to talk another combination of stitches which is the basketweave stitch.