Know your Guitar Hero III Controller

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Video game expert Russel Baldonado explains how the gauges and meters work in Guitar Hero III.

    Russel Baldonado: Hello everyone, Russel Baldonado Guitar Hero expert. In this clip I'll be showing you guys the guitar. You can see this is the "V" version of the guitar controller. Everything else on the guitar except for the 'V' remote is the same for all the other systems, so for this video we will ignore the 'Very' remote. On the neck of the guitar we have five fret buttons, these are used to select the notes that you want to play. On easy you only use three of the buttons - the green, red and yellow. For medium, you add the blue one and on hard and expert you use all five.

    As you can see the yellow one has a little raise line. This allows you to figure out your fingers' placement as you move up and down the guitar neck. Down the guitar neck you've got your little Analogue stick. This is used to navigate through the menus. Beside it you got your Strum bar. Strum Bar is used to play the note. You can strum down or you can strum up. Below the strum bar you've got your Whammy Bar. The whammy bar is used to bend the note and make the song your own.

    Above the strum bar you've got your plus (+) and minus (-) sign. The plus sign is used to confirm and pause the game. The minus sign is used to go back or to activate your Star power. Along with that you can tilt the guitar to activate your Star power and that's probably it for the guitar. You've got a little strap that goes around you to hold the guitar in place and in the next clip I'll show you guys the meters and gauges on the on the heads of this play.