Lacrosse – Practice Techniques

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Lacrosse expert Andy Corno demonstrates practice techniques for playing lacrosse.

    Andy Corno

    Andy Corno is the founder and president of Leaders Lacrosse, a sports training company which runs camps, clinics, and private lessons in the Washington DC area. All camps, clinics, and private lessons are tuned toward the skill level of each player. Leaders Lacrosse also focuses on the complete athlete, incorporating character building, teamwork, hard work on the field, and hard work in the classroom into all their programs. Andy plays profession lacrosse for the Philadelphia Barrage. He played in every game for the Barrage during their 2007 championship season and is noted as one of the best face off midfielders to ever play the game. He was recently traded from the New Jersey Pride. In only his second year he was chosen as a 2006 Major League Lacrosse All Star and led the league in Ground Balls. Andy played college lacrosse at Georgetown University from 2001-2005, where he led the Hoyas to the playoffs every year. He was a 3 time all American, senior captain, and noted nationally year in and year out for his work at the faceoff circle. Coach Corno is currently one of the top five NCAA leaders in career face off percentage and total ground balls. He graduated from Georgetown with a Bachelors of Arts and Sciences, a Marketing Major, and a NCAA Academic All-American. Andy grew up in Bethesda, MD and attended Walt Whitman High School. He was a Captain for both his football and lacrosse team. He made history as the first ever recruited Division I Lacrosse player to come out of Walt Whitman High School . He was First team Washington Post All-Met his senior years, All county player of the year, and an All American in his senior year at Whitman.. Andy’s success on and off the field is driven by his hard work, dedication, and determination in everything he does. He is committed to the growth of the sport, having fun, and helping young athletes get better.

    Andy Corno: Hi! I am Andy Corno with Leader's Lacrosse Camps, Clinics and Private Lessons and right now, I'm going to show you how to improve on your stick work and become a better thrower, catcher and cradler in lacrosse.

    First, you want to find a wall to throw against. We recommend that this wall is really close to your house, so you could always practice, three, four, five times a day.

    You want to practice using both hands. We went over basic fundamentals, the throwing, catching and cradling. You also want to improve on your offhand as well as your strong hand. To do this, go out against the wall and get a lot, a lot of repetitions. A good routine to go through would just to start-off throwing the ball against the wall. Nothing complicated, nice, soft, easy passes against the wall; 50 with your left and then 50 with your right.

    You can also integrate other things into your wall routine, in between passes, cradle. So, catch it, cradle a couple of times then throw it again against the wall. Do this 25-50 times with both hands throwing, catching and cradling. Also, when you go out with a friend or practice against the wall, practice your one-handed cradles, going from catching to one-handed cradles to back, to throwing again. The next thing that you want to practice when you go out against the wall or practice with a friend is switching hands, going from cradling in your left hand to cradling in your right hand. Practice the motion of bringing the lacrosse stick, across your face and rolling it down.

    You can also throw the ball, catch with one hand, switch to the other, throw the ball, catch with the same hand, switch to the other, so you alternate the hands that you are throwing with.

    Those are the fundamental to how to practice lacrosse on your own.