Landing Your Stunt Kite and the Clean Up Process

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chris Maxa from The Kite Loft demonstrates how to land a kite and properly store it and put it away, once you done flying.

    Chris Maxa

    Chris Maxa is the General Manager of The Kite Loft, Inc. located in Ocean City, Maryland. Chris has over 15 years of kite flying experience both privately and professionally. He has instructed and consulted thousands of people on kiting from small children to senior citizens. In addition, Chris has given hundreds of personal, hands-on flying lessons to aspiring kite flyers. Chris has played an interregnal role in helping The Kite Loft grow and maintain it’s status as the world’s largest retailer of kites. He has learned his craft from two of the kite industry’s pioneers and most respected figures, Bill Osche and Jay Knerr, both of whom have been voted “Kite Person of the Year.” Chris has attended multiple national kite conventions and trade shows. He has participated in numerous kite festivals as both a participant and as a vendor. Chris trains and coaches a team that displays the largest daily kite air-show on the East Coast, for millions of summer tourists each year. Chris is an avid kite flyer who enjoys flying recreationally in his free time. He has flown, and mastered, just about every kind of kite imaginable. In 2002, Chris graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore with a degree in Business Administration. He currently lives in Berlin, MD with his wife Kristie and daughter Marlow.

    Chris Maxa: Hi, I am Chris Maxa with the Kite Loft. Today, we are going to learn, how to fly a stunt kite. In this segment, we are going to show you, how to land your kite and properly store it and put it away, once you done flying. As you can see weve been flying our kite, we perfected how to do the figure eight, and loops and dives, and youre tired and you are ready to go. We are going to focus on how to land your kite.

    Remember, the Wind Window, we talked about earlier, well, this is where its really going to come in to play. What youre going to do, is youre going to take your kite over to the edge of the Wind Window, where it pulls least strong. Im going to do this to my left. You are going to take your kite down towards the ground, tip the nose North and walk towards your kite and set it down just like that. Weve certainly learned how to pick the right kite, weve learned how to work the Wind Window, launch your kite, fly your kite, do loops, dives, figure eights and all kinds of fun stuff. Now at the end of the day, youre ready to clean up, pack it away and get ready to go next time. Remember the winder that we took it out and unwound our line with that first, now is when it comes back in to play.

    All you do is take your kites straps, put them in the knocks of your winders and free sailors out there, youre going to wind it very much like a boat clip (ph). Put your finger between your kite lines, wind it under the winder, over, under, over and repeat this process all the while keeping your finger between the lines with this does this prevent hangles keeps your lines from twisting and makes setting up next time, like a lot easier.

    I am going to continue this process all the way towards the kite and when we get there we are going to disassemble the kite, the same as we did in reverse order in setting it up. I hope this instructional video been good for you. I know I had lot of fun, and remember, got there and fly a kite.