Latte Art – Advanced Techniques

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Barista Greg Suekoff demonstrates how to create latte art and give advanced techniques.

    Greg Suekoff: I am Greg Suekoff, we are at Caffe Pronto Coffee Roastery learning how to make the perfect latte. Now we have explored a little bit the Heart design and the Rosetta design, the two most common in latte art. I now like to attempt to pour one that I have created. It's a pour that involves both the left and the right hand, I will quickly show you the dry run before I try to pour it. Essentially, we are going to have our shots of espresso, our steamed milk in two different pitchers and we are going to pour and try to pour at the same speed and in the same direction and create a double pattern. So, let's get started. We are going to drop espresso into our preheated ceramic cup, we are going to steam, microfoam our milk, making sure to wipe off our steam on in purge. We have a nicely textured shots of espresso extracted in 25 seconds, now we are going to dump half the milk into the second pitcher trying to distribute the foam evenly between the two pitchers. Now at this point it gets a little bit tricky as you see I got to use both my left and right hands. So, what you end up with this drink is sort of two designs kind of met in the middle. It's a pretty unique, pretty interesting drink. The next latte art I would like to show is an inverted Rosetta.