Latte Art – How to Pour a Heart

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Barista Greg Suekoff demonstrates how to create latte art and pour a heart.

    Greg Suekoff: I am Greg Suekoff, we are at Caffe Pronto Coffee Roastery learning how to make the perfect Latte. I just demonstrated how to pour a Rosetta design and now I am going to show you, how to pour a heart? Very appropriate around the middle of February. So, what are you going to do to pour a heart is again you are going to have your well extracted espresso, your microfoamed milk and now this time the pour is a little bit different. You are again going to start low bring it up a little bit, but on this one you are really going to just leave the pitcher in the same place and just make gentle variations. Now this motion I would like to describe it's very much of a wiggle than a shake. This would be a shake, this would be a wiggle, you want to have a nice very fluid motion, so let's do one. We of course are going to again preheat our mug, purge our group head and pour our espresso shots directly into the mug and then while the shots are pouring, I am going to create our microfoam. Making sure to wipe the steam on in purge. We have nice espresso shots with good flecking and texture, we have nice microfoam. So, again to pour the heart, the motion is actually quite a bit less. I am just going to introduce the milk, raise it up a little bit and then in the same place, gently wiggle the pitcher back and forth. So we can see, you can create a heart, that's actually many sort of concentrically connected. People really enjoy getting this drink. Again the texture of the espresso is present, the microfoam sticks up of the espresso crme very nicely and again whether you or not you are creating a beautiful looking drink, you are going to end up with a beautiful tasting drink as long as you pulled your shots properly and steamed your milk well. Now that we have poured both a Rosetta and a Heart, I would like show you some of the more difficult techniques that we have developed in pouring latte art.