Latte Art – Inverted Rosetta

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Barista Greg Suekoff demonstrates how to create latte art and pour an inverted rosetta.

    Greg Suekoff: I am Greg Suekoff, we are at Caff Pronto Coffee Roastery here today learning how to pour the perfect latte. We are exploring different free pour designs. I would like to show you now one that we are calling an inverted Rosetta, I will quickly show you how the pour this dough and then I will actually pour one. What you are going to do for this one is you are going to have your espresso and your steamed milk and this one you are going to go and do it like you are pouring a normal Rosetta, start your wiggle, when you get back you are not going to draw it all the way, we are then going to turn the cup around inverted and kind of drop a heart right on top of it. It may not make sense talking about it but I will show what it looks like now. We are going to start of course by pulling shots of espresso into a preheated ceramic mug. Now preheating the mug again helps preserve the crme. Keep your coffee looking good for longer. Start our shots, begin immediately microfoaming our milk. Now when you are microfoaming the milk keep in mind we are using the propulsion from the steam wand to spin the milk around and take the foam we have introduced and make it into a very small celled foam.

    Always remembering to purge the steam on and wipe it clean. We have beautiful shots of espresso in 26 seconds, have some very excited milk. So, as I said again we are going to start pouring the Rosetta or we are not going to complete it. We are going to leave it at half way done. Then we are going to come in and drop another little design right on top, pull it through. Looks something like that. So the drink like this again experimental latte art is a lot of fun. Thank you for joining me this afternoon at Caffe Pronto Coffee Roastery. I hope this has been helpful to you and good luck in pouring the perfect Caffe Latte.