Lawn Trimming

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Joe Newland, Black & Decker product development manager, shows you how to trim your lawn.

    Joe Newland: Hello! I am Joe with Black & Decker's Outdoor Product division. Today, we're here discussing how you cut and maintain your yard, how to get great results. The next task in hand is trimming areas of your lawn that your lawn mower would not reach. One of the options is the gas trimmer and gas trimmer obviously uses a gas engine. It requires gas oil, produces emissions and it's sometimes difficult to start. The advantage is that you're not limited to a cord or to a certain amount of runtime that you would on, either one of these options. These are both electric options, one is powered by a battery; one is powered by a 120-volt extension cord. The advantages to these are they are easy to start, produce no emissions, require no gas, no oil and no starting issues. This cordless option is a very good option for most of urban homes. They will do the trimming work on up to 130 acre home site. This unit has a nice feature for edging with a simple twist of the head. You're now in an edging mode, which makes it very convenient for edging along landscape and flower beds. Also with the flip down edge guide, you now have a guide that will follow hard service like sidewalks and driveways to give you a good clean crisp edge. Another nice feature on this unit as well as most corded and cordless units is the telescoping shaft. You can adjust the link to this shaft in or out. Another nice feature is an adjustable auxiliary handle whereby loosening this knob, you can slide this and it'll back and forth to get the ideal comfort setting for your height. The cutting line area of these trimmers is very critical. This particular trimmer utilizes an automatic feed spool. As the line merge down, these pool system senses that the line is wearing down and automatically spits out another length of line to give you full cutting width all the time. Another option that's out there as well is what they call a bump feed whereas you bump it lightly on the ground, and it will feed a small amount of line as required which you have control of that. This one feeds automatically for you. To replace the spool or the line on the automatic feed trimmer, you would remove the cap by pushing the two index buttons. Remove the spool, the empty spool; feed the new line from the new spool through the eyelet. Snap the spool in place and replace the cap. It's that simple. As with all outdoor power equipment, you want to read the owners' manual and follow all the precaution in the warnings that are stated in that manual. So let's start trimming. Using a trimmer is pretty simple; you just need to maneuver the trimmer over the area that needs to be cut. Be careful not to scalp the area, cut it too short as that area will die if you continue to cut it too short. Be careful not to allow the line to hit the trees or shrubs as if it's done routinely, it will kill or damage the trees. Also, be careful of trimming around your flowers, it will cut them off very easily. The cutting heads of these trimmers get pretty covered with grass and dirt. Wipe or blow off with your compressor after each use to try to keep the head as clean as possible. It will make these things work much better for you. So that wraps up our tutorial on lawn care today. I hope these tips and techniques for trimming, edging and mowing your lawn will be beneficial.