Layering Stuffed Grape Leaves Before Cooking

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cookbook author, cooking instructor and culinary consultant Amy Riolo demonstrates how to properly layer stuffed grape leaves before cooking.

    Amy Riolo: Hi, I am Amy Riolo and today I am working with Chef Jordan from Cafe 8 and we have just finished stuffing our grape leaves and now we are going to layer them into our pot.

    Chef Jordan: Yeah, so let's roll them. Basically we have everything prepared, and eased out. We are going to start taking the grape leaves and basically we put them in there, one by one, all the way till we get one full layer then we start on the next layer, I want to pack them in there nice and tight like I said earlier, if you do not, the rice will fall out of it, that will defeat the whole purpose of making the dish. As you can see we are layering the last few Dolma. There are about five layers here, we will pack them in nice and tight. And that's it.

    Amy Riolo: So we have just finished layering our grape leaves and when we come back we will show you how to cook them.