Learn About Lost Car Facts

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    AAA discusses some car facts that have been lost from common knowledge.

    William E. Van Tassel: Over a hundred years of thought has gone into the modern automobile and current driving rules. And over time some important rules and designs have gotten lost from public knowledge. Here are AAA's favorite lost car facts.

    Taking an unfamiliar car to a gas station can mean a 50-50 chance of stopping with the pump on the wrong side. Never second guess again, and instead, use the arrow by the fuel gauge of most vehicles that points left or right.

    Ever drive in rainy weather with your flashers on? Not only is it unsafe, it can be illegal. Instead, drivers should manually turn on their headlights even if they have daytime running lights so the taillights become illuminated as well.

    Out on the road, some of the most important safety rules are less than well-known. Driving on an unfamiliar highway can be frustrating to even the most experienced drivers, but here's how to never miss a left exit again.

    When a traffic exit number appears at the top-left of a directional sign, you will exit to the left. Getting lost is a real possibility in unfamiliar areas. Stay on the right road by checking the highway numbers. Even numbered interstate highways run east to west, while odd numbered interstates run north to south. Traffic circles help smooth congestion on busy roads, but only if drivers follow the rules.

    When approaching a traffic circle, always yield to cars already in the circle. When coming to a stop, many drivers fail to complete the act correctly. Stop means come to a complete stop before the painted crosswalk or stop bar.

    With the new update on the old knowledge, you will enjoy a much easier drive on your next trip.