Learn Hip Hop Dance

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dance instructor Josh Jackson demonstrates different moves and choreography dealing with hip hop dancing.

    Josh Jackson: Hi, this is Josh Jackson here with Studio Bleu Dance Center in Ashburn, Virginia. Today I will be teaching you different moves in choreography dealing with hip hop dance. The first move that we are going to start of with a chest pops, then I will follow up with body rolls, starting from the feet rolling up to the shoulders and then more advance levels of finishing out to the finger tips and your arms.

    Other moves that we are going to go over, helicopters in to different styles, also broncos, 180 into broncos, 180 into broncos with a hand clap behind the back. So, last time we are going to finish up with is basic hip hop choreography that I have created. It is two basic eight-counts that you can do it to whatever music you feel to need to. If you want to do it with country music or techno music you can. It doesn't matters as long as it's got a beat. Little bit about myself is I have been dancing most of my life, I grow up dancing in a hip hop style, just grew up doing it, whatever I saw in TV that's what I started doing, alright? I have been teaching here at Studio Bleu in Ashburn, Virginia for about two years now. Competed in the number of dances as well as placing in a lot of hip hop dances that I have choreographed for. Some safety precautions and steps you need to take in order to just these moves successfully is to have a nice open room as you see that I am in, with nothing around, the floor doesn't matter. You can dance on concrete or you can dance on hardwood floor or carpet, doesn't matter. Make sure that there is nothing in your way that you can get hurt with, knocked over or it is going to get into your way doing the hip hop dance moves. So, the first thing we are going to start off with are hip hop chest pops today. So, let's get started.