Learn the Basics of Wedding Invitation Ensembles

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Paper expert Sarah Meyer Walsh demonstrates how to make your own wedding invitations and paperie, including learning the basics of wedding invitation ensembles.

    Sarah Meyer Walsh: Hi! I am Sarah Meyer Walsh of Haute Papier and I am showing you how to make wedding invitation. Wedding invitation ensembles usually include more than just an invitation to an event. The envelope or box usually has many pieces indicating to guest when and where all of the events surrounding the wedding will take place. The basics include a wedding invitation, inviting the guest to the actual ceremony. Sometimes this includes reception information, but other times, it's included on another card. Including on another card is most common when the reception is at different location than the ceremony. Other inclusions are the response that, this is a card that allows your guest to indicate whether or not they will be attending the event and this is always included with an envelope addressed to yourself or whoever will be counting the number of guest and you always include a stamp. Finally, a direction card or map card maybe enclosed. When talking about what to mail the invitation set in, the most formal way is to do an outer envelope that indicates exactly who is invited to the events and the mailing address and an inner envelope, which includes the person's name as invited and whether or not a guest is invited. That would be indicated by saying Mrs. Sarah Meyer Walsh and guests. Finally, when deciding on which pieces you'll need to include in your wedding papery ensemble, it's good to think about what pieces you will need for the ceremony also. As coordinating the invitation, program, place card, thank you note and any menus, escort cards or table numbers that you might need, really has a well effect and looks quite elegant. So again, the basic pieces you'll need for your wedding invitation ensemble include the invitation, the response set and usually a reception card and then remember, you can decide, whether or not you want the formality of the double outlet.

    Next, we'll talk about the different types of printing available when putting together your wedding invitation ensemble.