Learn To Better Understand Military Culture

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Vivian Greentree with Blue Star Families discusses ways to better understand the military culture.

    Dr. Vivian Greentree: Hello! My name is Dr. Vivian Greentree with Blue Star Families. And today I am going to talk to you a little bit about how to better understand military families, and how they function in different communities. Did you know that in fact only 30% of military family's live on a military installation most live off base from their local communities.

    Military families are much like civilian families, but there are some challenges and advantages, you needs to there situation. Military families can face challenges associated with the military lifestyle, they are more likely to move to their civilians pears, they've added stresses of their relationships and mental health and wellness related to repeat a deployment cycles and the reintegration process when our service members come home.

    Service members jobs affect their families in a way that other employers don't, they can tell us where to live, when to move, how to dress and we face uncertainty about the safety of our loved ones when they deploy.

    However, there is a lot of strength that resides in a military community and even given some of the challenges, a majority would still recommend military service to their children and are satisfied with the military lifestyle.

    Military members in their families volunteering their communities in incredible rates, they are more likely to be registered to vote than their civilian pears. Military families both strengthen their connections to one another during deployment when they work together to support each other.

    This informal networks help members to thrive in their communities and stay engage with each other pass military service. Though there are challenges service offers families the lifelong benefit of pride and service, connections to a greater cause in life and satisfaction with their contribution to society.

    So remember the military families face different sets of obstacles than civilian families, they are proud of their service and always looking for ways to engage the communities in which they live.