Learn to Dive in Paradise

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    If you want to learn to dive, and you want to live in paradise, head down to the Florida Keys, home to the best diving options around.

    Eric Billips: There are opportunities to learn to dive all over the world. I think what sets the Florida Keys apart from a lot of those other places as far as learning to dive is A. our climate, you know we have a fantastic weather year around down here. Also we've got incredibly clear waters, the water temp is always very nice and the other thing is we're still in the United States, we can drive here, we have the largest living barrier reef in the United States, third largest in the world. It stretches along the islands, in some areas it's 60 feet in profile, in some areas it's 10 feet in profile, it's absolutely gorgeous.

    Florida Keys is a very fortunate spot where we can teach every level of class that's scuba diving offers. Your first class is your open water diver class, your first step outside of classroom is going to be pool session, where you're going to do a series of skills and kind of introduce what you learned in the classroom now with the equipment.

    Once that pool session is done then you've got two trips of total 4 dives. You can do a trip in the afternoon two dives, and then the following morning do another two dives and you're certified. We have got shallow patch reefs for your beginning divers, we've got intermediate reefs for more advanced drivers and then we've got deeper shipwrecks for your dive masters and your very advanced divers.

    If you are into night diving, there are so many opportunities out there, specialty dives, and these extracurricular dives, we're actually not only having a great time diving in the turtles and rays and eels and sharks and parrot fish, but you are actually, you work into to preserve our oceanic heritage down there.

    Here in the Florida Keys, whether you're underwater on land there is quirkness and that goes for our diving as well. Some of the neat events that you can partake and once you become certified, we do underwater carving, a pumpkin contest.

    There is a really cool underwater music festival down in the Lower Keyes. is really, really neat. I know you are probably thinking Underwater Music Festival, just comes here, it is very cool! We actually have sanctuaries out in the ocean that are protected and these are protected marine sanctuaries that snorkelers and divers can go and witness that beautiful landscape the topography underwater that the Florida Keys reefs have to offer. Once you're certified, really it's pretty endless what you can do with your certification, because that certification is for life.