Learning Styles

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Understanding your child’s learning style will help you assist them to boost attention and grades.

    Ann Dolin: You may have heard that some children learn best by listening, some by seeing and some by doing. When children are young, they often learn best with the hands-on approach, like cutting or drawing.

    Sometimes children still need to learn in a tact away even as they age. There are easy ways to continue hands-on learning such as using playing cards to practice math facts or working with scrabble tiles to practice spelling words.

    Almost all learners benefit from visual clues such as written directions. When teachers have posted schedules and instructions in writing kids are more likely to understand and follow through.

    You can do the same in your home, put instructions in writing using just one or two words for each direction and your child will be more likely to do it.

    As children grow they become better auditory learners, but keep in mind that we remember only 20% of what we hear. However, we retain 70% of what we discuss. So encourage your student to meet with friends to form study groups.

    And in the end the key is to help your child understand the way he or she learns best.