Learning to Swim – Stroking with Your Arms

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Swimming expert David Penlard demonstrates the stroking with your arms.

    David Penland: Hi! I'm David with the Northern Virginia Swim League and this morning we are going to help you teach your child how to swim. In this segment we are going to talk about how you do the strokes through the water.

    Once you have gotten comfortable with floating on your back and being able to kick, then it's time to add in the arms. My assistant Nova here is going to show us some elementary backstroke, as well as, a little bit of doggy paddle. Alright, so Nova is going back and show us how to float on his back. We are going to relax, put his stomach up, let him go. Alright, good job and now we are going to go ahead and do the strokes. Ready, relax. Elementary backstroke is just using your arms, very lightly. Alright, good. Now we are going to do it on our stomach. You want to show them, how to do doggy paddle now. When you are doing the doggy paddle, your hands are acting as paddles. So you want to make sure your fingers are close together. Alright ready, let's go. Alright, in the next segment we are going to talk about how to get into deeper water.