Less Stress When Feeding Your Baby

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    With 75 percent of new moms returning to work, there are more mothers than ever balancing family and work. 42% of moms returning to work attribute their stress to feeding their baby, whether its breast feeding or formula feeding. Tammy Gold, parenting expert and author of the new book: “Secrets of the Nanny Whisperer” discusses solutions and strategies to help new moms combat stress.

    Tammy Gold: Hi! My name is Tammy Gold and I am licensed therapist and certified parent coach. With 75% of moms going into the workforce, one of the biggest stressors they are having is around feeding. 42% of all moms worry about what kind of formula they should feed their child. But realistically there is no difference between brand named formulas and store brand formulas.

    Such as Wal-Mart's Parents Choice or Target's Up and Up, nutritionally they are all exactly the same and they are all FDA approved. One of the best ways you can feel less overwhelmed and feel like there is less chaos around you is to log what's going on with baby. Write down when you fed the baby, how much you fed the baby, wet and dirty diapers, by logging and writing it down you will be able to crack and figure out what the crime triggers are and if you can figure it out you can bring it to your pediatrician and they can help you figure it out.