Light Georgia Pecan Pie – Making the Crust

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    TERRIFIC cookbook series author Holly Clegg will demonstrate how to make the pie crust for the LIght Georgia Pecan Pie.

    Holly Clegg: Hi! I am Holly Clegg. Today we are making a Light Georgia Pecan Pie with a honey crunch topping. So let's get started with the crust, and with the crust you have several options you could always buy a traditional pie crust but I'm going to show you something that I think works so well and compliments any pie much more of a pecan pie. We're going to start with Gingersnap. So you want to put your gingersnap into a food processor because you have to get them into smaller crumbs. Make it as a graham cracker crust. Now we have our gingersnaps pulverized into crumbs. We have one and a fourth cups. And we're going to make this as you would a traditional graham cracker crust and I have two tablespoons of butter, just using a little butter to bind it together and a little vanilla, 11/2 tablespoons of vanilla. You're going to mix the crumbs together. You want to put it in there and then you're just going to pat it along the sides and it's so simple for a home made crust. You want to pop it in the oven and just bake it at 350 just for a couple of minutes, about 5 minutes so it just get firm and then you make your filling. Now, the easy way out, which if you know me by now that's always what I do is that you just buy a refrigerated pie and I prefer the refrigerated once because you can put them in whatever kind of dish you would like. Now I must show you my little tip for making it look so pretty along the edges, very simple to do you have your crust and all you do is to put one finger in, two fingers. Now when you go to the bakery and you saw those fancy crust now you know how easy it is to do. Next we're going to make the filling.