Light Georgia Pecan Pie – Making the Topping

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    TERRIFIC cookbook series author Holly Clegg will demonstrate how to make the topping for the LIght Georgia Pecan Pie.

    Holly Clegg: Hi! I'm Holly Clegg. Remember, we're making the light Georgia pecan pie with the honey crunch topping. Let's get to that decorative honey crunch topping. It's simple to make. You have four ingredients. We're going to start with three tablespoons of honey, just one tablespoon of butter, and three tablespoons of brown sugar. Now we're going to just let all this cook together and you wanted it to come to a boil, shouldn't take but just a few minutes, smells wonderful already. Now we're going to add last one cup of Georgia pecan halves and this time I've used pecan halves because it's going to be the show-stopping topping and we want it to look good. We're just going to stir it till the topping just coats the pecans and then we're going to spin it on top of our pecan pie that has been baked already.

    I bet you didn't know there are more antioxidants in pecans than any other nuts which means you get a double of those, good health with this pie. Now, you see how pretty this is going to be. This is what just makes a picture perfect pecan pie. And then we're going to go, take it and put it in the boiler for just about a minute or two and you want to watch it really carefully. If you're one of those that just don't have time to bake a pie or maybe you don't like to bake a pie. I have the answer for you. You could go to the store and purchase whatever your favorite is whether its pecan, a pumpkin, and all you have to do is make that incredible honey crunch topping with Georgia pecans. You take your pre-bought pie, you put on your topping and you just pop it in the boiler like we did with pecan pie. Watch it carefully for a minute or two and you have your show-stopping dessert.

    If you're one of those that like to plan ahead of time, pecan pies freeze beautifully. You just want to wrap them properly, pull them out a little early and defrost them and it's already done. Now, I have a fun innovative way to even serve your pecan pie. Just pie or get your favorite holiday wreath and you use it to serve your pecan pie. Now, how pretty, and how festive.

    I could promise you this light Georgia pecan pie with a honey crunch topping will be the talk of your table. And remember, when you eat trim and terrific you stay trim and terrific.