Lighting Control Wireless RF System Benefits

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home Maintenance Expert Steve McCurdy discusses lighting control wireless RF system benefits.

    Steve Mccurdy: Hi, this is Steve Mccurdy from Leviton Manufacturing and I'm here today to speak to you about lighting control system for your home. Now we spoke about the different types of technologies. We're going to talk about how those technologies particularly wireless radio frequency controls can benefit you. When you think about the different lights that we have in our home today, they have grown dramatically. If any of us ran around the house and turned on and off all our lights, then we would be exhausted trying to do all of those things. One of the nice, convenient way to control those lights is with a simple push of a button. For example, you could be in your bedroom at night and your children might have left the lights on in the family room and rather than running around in the house turning things on and off, you can simply, inside your bedroom push one button on a switch and shut off all the lights on the first floor. Another convenience is the ability of security and comfort. Now we're coming home to a dark home. When you drive up the driveway and it's dark at night, you could have a timing function that allows you to turn the lights on automatically. Or from the convenience over your car, you could simply push a remote control and turn on those lights entering the home in a safe and secure manner. Now one of the newest technologies for wireless lighting control is based on a protocol called Z wave. Now Z wave is a radio frequency processor that's put into switches, dimmers, appliances, hvac controls, multiple items throughout the house it's available in. And it's available from not only companies like Leviton but over a hundred other companies who use this technology. It allows you to simply communicate from a switch or a dimmer or a controller to lots of loads in a house, whether you want to be able to turn on your sprinkler system or monitor your temperature or tie in your security system. This Z wave of technology is a wireless means for integrating lots of controls in the home. Now another of the advantages of using this type of wireless Z wave Lighting Control is they can start very small. For example, if you would like to control all of the exterior lights in your house. But they're controlled by four or five different switches in the house, you could simply replace those switches and then control them from one location in a home. Secondly is in new construction you can plan and implement these types of technologies as you go through the construction phase. Or if it's late in the construction cycle. That way your tradesman can normally continue to wire and put the products in the home as you decide what level of automation you want to do. Now finally one of the major benefits of using a lighting control system in your home is saving energy, the ability to lower the light levels, or to turn on or turn off lights automatically can provide an incredible amount of savings to you. For example, if you just simply reduce the light level of a particular group of lights 50%, you're going to save 40% or more of energy and get 20 times more the life out of those lamps which means that's less times you have to replace those lamps and less things that go into the landfill in your community. Next we're going to talk about some of the devices that we'll use to implement these types of lighting control technologies.