Lightning Protection For Trees

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    TCIA expert, Steve Nagy, describes what a lightning protection system is and how it can protect your trees from excessive storm damage.

    Steve Nagy: Hi! I'm Steve Nagy, representing TCIA. And I'm here today to talk to about how to protect your trees form a lightning strike. Protecting your trees form lighting damage is crucial to extending their life span. Here are some of the ways to help protect your trees.

    The best way to have your tress protected is to have a lightning protection system installed. Lightening protection systems are used to reduce the risk of damage to the tree if it were to be struck by lightning. The objective of the lightning protection system is to have a preferred path of ground for electrical charge. Even if the lightening protection system is installed in a tree it's not a safe haven during a storm.

    In order to get a lightning protection system installed a few things need to considered beforehand. First you will need to have a certified arbors come out and inspect the tree. The tree owner will need to understand that periodic inspection of the system and testing are required. It's important to know that any of the existing metal in the trees has to bound to the system. Soil type and composition also need to be considered before specifying the ground system and an arbor should also check out the proximity of the tree to the structure that exist on the property.

    There are certain materials needed to create a lightning protection, be sure to use compatible metals that ensure a proper function and prevent any type of the corrosion when bounded to the system, also the standard required specific copper wiring. Lightning strikes can severally damage a tree, but with the installation of a lightening protection system you reduce the risk of these and other potential hazards arising.

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