Living With Lupus

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Howard R. Smith with the Cleveland Clinic provides tips and techniques for living with lupus.

    Howard R. Smith: So what can you do to help yourself if youve been diagnosed with lupus? Well, one thing is you have to take care of yourself, exercise is very important for lupus patients. The heart and lungs are involved and exercise is good for that. Eating a healthy diet is very important. Other things that can be done; maintaining normal body weight being overweight is not healthy for lupus patients.

    Taking your medicines on a routine schedule and being complaint with the suggestions that the doctor has made and then simple things like avoiding the sun, wearing sunscreen, wearing big white brimmed hats, keeping out of the sun is important. And then you have to notice when things are out of the normal for you, if you normally have arthritis but all of a sudden it starts to worsen that may be a red flag where you to notify your physician that something unusual is going on or if your rash has gotten much worse or a new type of rash or if there are kidney problems and how would you know you have kidneys problems?

    Well, if your urine starts to get foamy meaning that there is protein in it that is something you would want to let your physician know. In addition, if you developed fever, chills, something that could indicate a serious infection thats a red flag as well. So the patient has to be a partner with the physician to manage the disease.

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