Lobster Linguini – Preparing Vegetables and Caramelizing Fennel

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Hector Playuk demonstrates how to prepare vegetables and caramelize fennel for lobster linguini with spicy brandy sauce.

    Hector Playuk

    Hector Playuk is the newly appointed executive chef of Jack’s Restaurant & Bar located in the heart of Dupont Circle at 1527 17th Street, NW. His extensive culinary experience includes being the executive chef for the National Academy of Sciences in-house catering provider Sodexho, which is the leading provider of food and facilities management in the United States. Chef Playuk has also worked as executive chef in other notable Washington kitchens including 14K in the Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel; the Hilton Arlington Hotel; The Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner, as well as Café Milano. He began his culinary career in Buenos Aires; apprenticed under renowned Chef Gato Dumas at the Dumas Culinary School of Argentina, and graduated in 1992 from the esteemed Le Cordon Blue in Paris, France.

    Hector Playuk: Hi! My name is Hector Playuk, the Executive Chef for Jacks Bar & Restaurant. I am going to show you how to cut the vegetables, the tomatoes, the fennel, the asparagus to make linguini lobster with spicy brandy sauce. We have got one tomato, usually I use five by six, nice and firm. To begin with, I am going to show you how to make it for one dish. We place the tomato, we are going to dice in equal pieces, if it is possible. Be careful, you are using sharper knife, stay away from the edge of the tomato. Cut the tomatoes in to equal pieces if possible, you have got the fennel, take the fennel, top part out, put in to water when you are boiling the water for the lobster. Take the bottom one, use for the stock. Cut the fennel in half, very important, be careful. Using sharper knife, stay away from sharpened knife. I am going to use probably around two ounces of each, fennel and tomato. We have got the asparagus, we are going to cut the tips of the asparagus. Little piece, we cut that. We can use that to make a stock. There we have got one by one cut in diagonal, the asparagus. Try to cut equally, be careful because you are using a sharp knife. For this dish, Ill use probably around three ounces of fresh asparagus,, to make linguini lobster with the spicy brandy sauce. Then, last part we have got to caramelize the fennel. I would say, probably four asparagus would be good for the dish. We are going to caramelize the fennel. .

    For caramelizing the fennel, we are going to need unsalted butter, regular sugar and the fennel already diced. Pre-heat the pan. I would prefer to use nonstick pan, so the vegetables do not stick to the pan. Its very important, that process because when you are going to saut all the ingredients together, you dont want to get all the flavor of the burnt pan on the pasta.

    Thats the tips. I am going to place with the hand little bit of butter, , two pinch of sugar, melt it together very nicely and then we are going to place the fennel inside of the pan. While I do that process, we are going to saut for about seven eight minute to get nice smooth color in the high flame. This is how you cut the ingredients to do the linguini lobster and then this is how you caramelize the fennel.