Long Game Tips – Golf Mechanics for Consistent Power

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chris Ries from Top Golf demonstrates how to improve your golf long game, specifically Mechanics for Consistent Power. He will discuss the optimal stance, ball position and shoulder angle.

    Chris Ries: Hello everyone! My name is Chris Ries, I am one of the instructors here at TopGolf, located in Alexandria, Virginia. And we are here today talking about how to improve your golf game, more specifically, your full swing and your long game. And now we are going to talk about how to get set up for more consistent power while swinging the driver. We want to be sure that we are in a great position in our setup to help provide consistent power to the golf ball. First is our stance; we want to make sure that our feet are about shoulder width apart and just a little bit more. We need a little bigger base as we swing the driver, just because the length of the golf club and how fast it's moving.

    Next, the ball position needs to be quite forward in my stance, off my left heel. This is what we call forward or up in the stance. Some players will put it off their left toe; you really don't want to go a whole lot past that. So once again, ball position more towards the inside of your left heel. As I create my posture, I now want to change my shoulder angle. What I want to do is I want to drop my right shoulder slightly below my left, you will notice when I do that, that my head actually will come back a little bit as well. That's fine. That helps me also to load up and put more weight on my right side. This helps to ensure that the angle of attack onto the golf ball is ascending. I want to swing up at the driver; it's up on a tee, so I do not want to hit down on the golf ball.

    As players sort of get into their more traditional type of setup, and that right shoulder gets a little bit high, that can produce a descending blow onto the golf ball and cause all kinds of trouble. Get set up, load up into my right side, and as I swing the club, we are going to stay right there, until I start my downswing.

    So those are a few very important things to keep in mind when trying to deliver consistent power to the golf ball.