Long Game Tips – Increasing Golf Club Head Speed and Distance

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chris Ries from Top Golf demonstrates how to improve your golf long game, specifically Increasing Club Head Speed and Distance.

    Chris Ries: Hello everyone! My name is Chris Ries, I am one of the teaching professionals here at TopGolf, in Alexandria, Virginia. And we are here today working on your golf game, more importantly, your full swing and your long game, where now I am going to discuss how to increase club head speed and produce more leverage and power o to the golf ball. So now we are going to swing the driver. One of the most important things about the driver, number one, is having very good control of the golf club. For me, I like to wear a glove. For a right-handed golfer, you want the golf club on your left hand, because our left hand and left arm are actually the power source for the next thing that we are going to work on. So I get into my good address position, tilt my right shoulder back, head back just a little bit, little more weight shift on this right side. As I swing the golf club back, when my left arm gets parallel to the ground, I want to start to produce a pretty powerful angel between the shaft of the golf club and my left arm. What we see a lot of people do with the driver that's incorrect is they swing the club back and they try and keep the shaft straight with the left arm. There is no power in this, and right here is a very powerful position. I now turn my shoulders, complete the backswing. Notice, I am still trying to basically maintain a 90 angle with that left arm and the shaft of the club. We see a lot of this, breaking down, we are in serious trouble, so here I am trying to keep good width and extension of my left arm. So from here, I am going to pull the golf club down with my left hand and left arm, this is my power source. What happens here? I pull the golf club down, and when I get to this position here, I am still trying to hold this angle; I turn my shoulders and now swing through to hopefully a good balanced finish, delivering all that power and energy to the golf ball. Another great way to help you increase club head speed is using the Whoosh Drill. The Whoosh Drill is performed by actually grabbing the golf club, taking my normal grip, but I am going to grip it just underneath where the head of the golf club is. You want a very strong audible whooshing of the grip as I swing it forward. So hopefully we will get a nice little sound right here. What this does is this sort of gets into the mechanics of how to do this, without getting too detailed or too specific. I am still on upright or baseball position, once again, be very careful with this, because now it's a different animal. Now I have got this club head out in front of me, make sure you have got good control of the golf club when you do this. I still want to hear the whoosh. And you can here just how different that sounds as well. Awesome for building some of the golf muscles and creating great positions! Now that we are set up to deliver consistent power to the golf ball and I understand how to build and create that power, my next responsibility is just to get to a nice balanced finish.

    Those are some great tips and drills to help you increase club head speed and really build some great distance.