Look Hot in a Hurry Workout – Saturday

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Circuit-style exercises to burn more calories and boost your metabolism over the weekend.

    Female Speaker: Standing on one leg, you are going to first do a shoulder press and then come down into a single leg squat. Now you want to keep the hand in front of your chest steady, so that it provides resistance as you do those shoulder presses. Continue like this for one minute then, switch legs and repeat. You are going to do two sets total.

    As you stand on the band with one leg, you are going to row the other end of the band toward your ribs with your opposite hand. Hold here for one minute and continue rowing, then switch sides and repeat, you are going to do two sets total. Start with your feet, shoulder width apart and as you go down into a squat, you are going to curl one end of the band up as you extend the other end of the band down. Now continue like this for one minute, then switch arms and repeat. Do two sets total. The key to this move is to keep resistance in the band as you crunch forward with one fist, hold back with the other. Continue alternating for one minute and do two sets total.

    With the band around your ankles lower into a squat and do ten wide shuffles to your right. Then, come back the other direction and do 10 towards your left. If this is too tough, put the band at shin level. Continue shuffling for one minute, do two sets total.