Lose Weight with Diet and Exercise

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jonathan Reff teaches us about weight loss through diet and exercise, specifically focusing on cardiovascular and weight training exercises.

    Jonathan Reff

    Jonathan Reff is personal training director at Somafit, an upscale fitness studio and spa, as well as owner of Jonathan Reff Personal Training. Through Jonathan Reff Personal Training, Jonathan brings personal training and gym design to your home.

    Jonathan has been personal training in New York and the Washington D.C. area for over ten years. Jonathan holds certificatons from N.A.S.M. (National Academy of Sports Medicine) as well as A.C.E. (American Council on Exercise). In addition, Jonathan holds a second degree black belt in Olympic Taekwondo, a martial art in which he was nationally ranked at one point. Jonathan has worked with elite level to novice in both fitness and Olympic Taekwondo.

    Jonathan believes a healthy lifestlye is achieved through a healthy and happy mind and body.

    Please enjoy this video and feel free to contact Jonathan with any questions.

    Hi there, thanks for joining me. My name is Jonathan Reff and we are here at SomaFit, Washington s premier health club and spa. Today, we are going to learn about weight loss through diet and exercise, the exercise being cardiovascular and weight training as well. As far as cardiovascular is concerned, I am going to take you to the treadmill, I am going to take you to the elliptical trainer, stationary bicycle and my personal favorite, the jump-rope. We are going to go through a full body workout of the upper body as well as the lower body. Lower body being your front of your legs, quadriceps, back of your legs, hamstrings, back side, lower calves, upper body, the chest, back and arms, those problem spots of the abdominals and those back of your arm. We are going to hit all of them. Before we get started though, I must stress both in a gym and outside, if you are going to start any workout routine or exercise routine, it s very, very important that you consult a doctor and get a clearance from a doctor first to make sure that, you are in healthy condition and ready to get started with whatever you going to started on and you are going to that will ensure that you have a good time and a lot of success.

    To give you a little background on myself, I have been a personal trainer for about 10 years here in the Washington area. I came to personal training through Taekwondo which is Olympic Taekwondo which is a Korean martial art, where I was nationally ranked and also five in Europe. Here in Washington, I run two programs, the two of Washington s most premier health clubs, as well as trained a wide variety of clientele from both elite professional level athlete, all the way to special population or senior citizens and anyone and everyone in between. So, if you guys are ready, this is going to be a great video. We are going to have a lot of fun. Let s get started.